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History of Calvary Chapel 

     The Calvary Chapel movement began through a pastor named Chuck Smith. Having been trained and employed in an established denominational setting, he grew weary of the group's model of evangelizing from the pulpit every Sunday. Pastor Chuck felt that it would better serve the congregation if, instead, he spent that time simply teaching the Bible. In turn, he felt that this would equip the flock to go out and do the evangelism outside the church, where the lost people were. His method, though wildly successful, didn't sit well with the leadership of the denomination, and as a result he parted ways with them.

     That's when Calvary Chapel began. From humble beginnings, starting with 25 Bible study attendees, God used the concept of simply teaching His Word to reach more and more people until thousands of new believers called Calvary Chapel their church home. Over the next four decades, God raised up numerous pastors who have taken the movement worldwide, sticking with the simple model of studying the Bible and relying on the gifts of the Holy Spirit to equip His people for the work of the ministry.

     Calvary Chapel Murfreesboro is proud to be associated with the work God is still doing through this faithful endeavor, and we intend to steadfastly continue allowing the Spirit of God to take the Word of God and transform the people of God so long as the Lord allows.

Sunday Teachings